Torray Resolute


We know your clients worked hard for their wealth and they’ve entrusted you to help manage their assets, so we believe it’s our responsibility to help you deliver on that commitment.

  • It is our belief that we are responsible to help you deliver on your commitment to your clients. We understand that as a fiduciary, you are responsible for not only protecting your clients’ wealth, but also for growing it in a prudent and sustainable way.
  • We avoid complex strategies and investing based on current market fads. We strive to invest in superior businesses for the long-term.

Our thoughtful risk management seeks to balance opportunity with capital preservation, taking action when opportunity presents itself and avoiding speculative bets.

  • Whether expecting that corporations deliver consistent results in our Growth portfolios or demanding that underlying valuations aren’t speculative in our Value strategies, we’ve developed a process that we believe allows us to manage risk and realize potential rewards.
  • Our portfolios are concentrated into a limited number of carefully selected stocks, because we do not attempt to mirror the index and we want each stock to have the ability to positively impact the portfolio.

At Torray, effective stewardship isn’t just about selecting the right investments, it’s also about communicating effectively with Advisors so they can better serve their clients.

  • We keep Advisors informed about our performance and current events’ impact on our portfolios through communications ranging from quarterly commentaries and fact sheets, to hosted conference calls and white papers.
  • We strive to promptly respond to inquiries and deliver a positive experience to all Advisors.